Why I Seek Solace / Read Me First

    Increasing crime rates and incivility, trashy people, booming window-rattling music as vehicles drive by at all hours; day and night and other reasons along with the desire to be closer to VA medical care sources. Nothing holding me here. One of several places I have lived. Time to go.   This blog is... Continue Reading →

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What to Know Before Buying an RV – State Farm®

Used the Web to communicate with my local insurance agent. I use the Dan Waisner agency located in Springfield, Missouri. Even after I moved I stayed with Dan due to his knowledge of everything insurance-related but more than than Dan and his team have always treated me akin to family!!! There are few business relations... Continue Reading →

2020’s Safest States in America

  The Web offers many lists about the safest states to live in. The one linked to below appears to have had some thought put behind creating it. There is an interactive USA map along with a ranked list. Arkansas is one of the states I am considering moving to but it does not do... Continue Reading →

Arizona Information

  AZ is one of the states selected as a possible destination. If I was wealthy I would seek a well-built house on a small acreage close to a small town abutting the Pacific Ocean in Washington, Oregon or far northern California. Alas, the lack of funds keeps me searching for inexpensive. The numbers of... Continue Reading →

Trailer Maintenance and Repair

A travel trailer appears to be my best option for low-cost long-term living with minimal to no travel. I want to plant roots but retain the ability to flee adverse situations. If I change my mind and go with a Class B RV or something else I will include in-depth mention about that unit-type. During... Continue Reading →

RV Maintenance & Upkeep

This page is general information. Go to Trailer Maintenance and Repair for in-depth information about towed RVs Okay... you bought your RV. Some folks let their stuff fall apart then buy another one to replace it. I can not afford to do that. The links below will assist us frugal folks with keeping our new... Continue Reading →

Extended Warranty

Buyer beware!!! Advice varies greatly about extended warranties. I can offer only links to information with no experience to draw upon. My research shows a few folks recommending an extended warranty on a RV. I am unable to verify if any of the linked-to accounts are truthful. Take care, folks. Do your research and please... Continue Reading →

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