What type of RV?

No class A for me… too expensive. I am looking at Class B or C RVs or a towed trailer of either the 5th-wheel or standard ball-hitch type. Most of the information I find refers to folks who will be using their RV for traveling, exploring, camping, etc. There is far less content regarding folks who will be living full-time in their RV instead of a house or apartment. I want the mobility of a home on wheels so I can escape bad neighbors, excessive noise, gun fights or whatever I find irksome.

Here are some links offering information and advice:

Difference Between Class B & Class C RVs

Motorhome vs. Travel Trailer

Full Time RV Living or Bust!

Which Used Class B Motorhomes Should I Consider?  *1

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Why a 5th Wheel?  Contemplations on the type of RC to acquire *2

Choosing Your RV Size – What’s More Important?

Class B vans – or camper vans as they are also called – looked attractive to us

Travel Trailer vs. 5th Wheel

Choosing That First RV aimed at the traveler not those settling down

Travel Trailer vs 5th Wheel:  23 differences to know before buying

Fifth Wheel vs Class A Motorhome: 31 pros and cons




Article Comments

*1: Class B is small. I need to be able to hook up water, electricity and sewer to allow long-term parked living. The ability to hook up to cable TV and internet is also strongly desired. Class B may be the only option for the folks under budget constraints. Smaller RVs and vans converted to live-in vehicles can allow “stealth living” such as parking in out-of-the-way places in towns for free.

*2 Well-written interesting article that may assist your decision no matter what type of RV you end up with. While at the site look around, there is more helpful and useful information and advice to be found.




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